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Florida Antique and Classic Automobile Cruisers Association
(An alliance of enthusiasts and professionals)

curare rotulare vehiculum historia

Florida being one of the major "Hot Spots" for this type of  event because of it's weather it attracts many enthusiasts and spectators from around the world. During the winter it has hundreds of cars and trucks from the northern U.S., Canada and the U.K. on display at such events as the "Saturday Nite Cruise" at Old Town in Kissimmee, Florida. This is the largest and longest running event of it's type in the world. Every Saturday Nite, Rain or Shine, Holiday or just another Saturday for over 25 years with so many more in the Outlying areas, Coast to Coast.

Established for the benefit of the "Cruiser", those that love to share the rolling history they own with the world at Car Shows and Cruises.

To aid the Car Clubs and other specific Cruiser associations in making these events successful.

To bring together the professionals in the restoration and customization fields to this Motoring public.

As a marketplace for the entertainment that is crucial to successful event.

To aid in setting criteria for "Market Value" of this rolling history with FACACA appraisals using all available information in establishing replacement value in the event of misfortune.

To inform and educate the "Cruiser" so they may enjoy sharing the history with others.

With time taking it toll on some of the older Cruisers our organization has trimmed down a bit. 1 Appraiser and we are now no longer taking on new members





Appraisal Group
Steve Butler





1990 - 2017 Florida Antique and Classic Automobile Cruisers Association
curare rotulare vehiculum historia